At Cash Back 4Ever, we firmly believe that online marketing must be carefully adapted to the level of digital infrastructure, and particular user behavior specific to each country. We feel this is paramount to creating positive, and truly interactive, brand and customer experiences online. Cash Back 4Ever cross-cultural nature and approach take the localization needs of its global clients to the next level.

  • What is CASHBACK4EVER?

    Cash Back 4Ever is a generations concept giving you the opportunity to build a global business from your home. Cash Back 4Everhas been created with the sole motive of correcting the network marketing anomaly and establishing a system offering an equal and just distribution of income as well as an incentive among the members.
  • What is unique about CASHBACK4EVER ?

    Cash Back 4Ever intends to bring the daily needs and IT in a one-to-one interaction platform that provides a realistic affiliation module.
  • Is this a long-term business idea?

    The Cash Back 4Ever business plan is the result of a deep study and understanding of the emerging market scenario and the increasing importance of the interplay of technology, shopping and network marketing.Cash Back 4Ever is participating in potential a million dollar industry and is poised for success because of the solid base it has and the unique concept.
  • Who are the people behind CASHBACK4EVER?

    The Company is owned and operated by strong Businessmen’s from Malaysia and Sudan with experience in many industries including Banking, IT and in network marketing.
  • What is the total cost to participate?

    There is no cost to join the Cash Back 4Ever. Once you have purchased our products, you are automatically registered for free, into our rewards program as a distributor for life.
  • What payment methods does CASHBACK4EVER accept?

    We currently accept payment via cash through our local agent’s offices and International Wire Transfer.
  • How do I market the benefits of CASHBACK4EVER?

    Cash Back 4Ever provides member with a replicating website and other marketing resources that will make the sales process simple for referred customers. To purchase products they simply go to our product option and complete the purchase online. You will have access to upcoming promotional deals, programs, campaigns and from time to time there are marketing and training events held where distributors can attend to learn more.
  • Is CASHBACK4EVER marketed as an investment scheme?

    No it is not and we take a very strict view of members promoting it as such. If any member is found promoting Cash Back 4Ever as an ­­­­­­investment scheme his/her membership will be terminated forthwith.
  • Is there any capping limit on Override Income?

    No capping or time boundaries. You can earn unlimited amount of income and the plan pays until infinity, allowing you to increase your income every coming day.
  • Can I manage my business online?

    Yes. Once you have joined theCash Back 4Ever you’ll have a username and password. This will enable you to enter your personal back office. Once inside, you will have access at your fingertips, to the most comprehensive database to your own Cash Back 4Ever Business.
  • How do I receive my commissions?

    All commissions are instantly transferred to your secure commission’s account, which are protected by a secure system. Funds can be withdrawn to your bank accounts (wire transfer or swift code), or cash through our agent in the region.
  • How quickly can I withdraw money from my E-wallet ?

    You may withdraw money from your commission account at any time. Wires are sent by our bank 2-3 days after you request them and International Wire Transfers take on average 5-7 days to arrive in your local bank.
  • Can I change My Sponsor or Position after signup?

    No. Once placed in our program, the position created is permanent. You must ensure upon signup that you have the correct sponsor name so that you are in the down-line that you wish to be in.
  • Can I recommend people from anywhere in the world?

    Cash Back 4Ever has a global footprint, so yes, you can recommend people from anywhere in the world. Country specific rules and regulations where applicable will be separately notified from time to time.